The Story


Adventure One: The Lighthouse Rescue

Join expedition 12

The island is in trouble! Joules Volter and his nasty moles are back. Explorers, you must stop them before they imprison Amperes Wattson and take over the Lighthouse. 

A fantasy adventure that invites children to become little Indiana Joneses
— The New York Times

Collect Your Sparks

With the help of Pip, Pebble and Finn, you must unlock five sparks: 






These Sparks will give you the power you will need to defeat Joules Volter. 

An unparalleled immersive and interactive journey based on the wild imaginations of its enthusiastic participants-the explorer, dreamer, artist, scientist, and action hero in your life.
— Broadway World
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Save the Island

It’s up to you explorers to fix the transmission pod, outwit the moles, fly Cloud Rover, build giant cakes, jump into a snow storm, journey into the deep sea range and finally face off with Joules Volter. FIND YOUR SPARK! 

A Great New York Adventure Worth Seeing Again
— Forbes
Who says you can’t re-live a fantasy?
Our precocious young grandson, Zac, told his mom and dad, “I want to go back to the place where you save the lighthouse.”
And so we did.
— Forbes