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How to Measure Pipe Nipple Length (5 Types)
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How to Measure Pipe Nipple Length? (5 Types)

Are you doing a DIY plumbing project and wondering how pipe nipples are measured? Or perhaps you are a plumbing rookie curious how to measure pipe nipples? Ordering the right size nipple is important in any successful plumbing installation. This small but crucial pipe fittings make all the difference in guaranteeing leakage-free low-pressure piping systems….

How To Remove Calcium Buildup In Pipes
Pipe Guides

How To Remove Calcium Buildup In Pipes? (Causes & Prevent Tips)

Calcium buildups in pipes can be difficult to deal with. These are calcium carbonate deposits often formed when hard water is heated. Fortunately, both temporary and permanent solutions exist to this issue! If you choose the temporary calcium buildup removal solution, you’ll be left with clean pipes for only a few weeks or months. Sooner…

Should I Buy a House with Polybutylene Pipe
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Should I Buy a House with Polybutylene Pipe?

Polybutylene pipes, once considered revolutionary, aren’t desirable among many home buyers today. And rightfully so! Studies have concluded the incompetency of these pipes, and the personal experiences of the homeowners, as well as multiple lawsuits against the polybutylene manufacturing company, speak volumes about if or not these pipes are suitable for your house. But the…