what is conduit pipe

6 Types Conduit Pipe: Which is Best for You?

Are you in need of electrical wiring or want to familiarize yourself with electrical conduits, their function, and their purpose? If you answered yes, you have come to the right place. A conduit pipe is a type of channel/tube used … Read more

galvanized pipe vs copper

Galvanized Pipe vs Copper: Which Is Better?

Choosing a suitable plumbing pipe is imperative for the optimum performance of your plumbing system. While galvanized and copper pipes are commonly used in plumbing works, these types are pretty different from each other. Here’s … Read more

how to flare copper pipe

7 Simple Steps To Flare Copper Pipe

Flaring the copper tubing is pretty straightforward if you know the right techniques and have access to appropriate flaring tools. Copper pipes are flared to ensure the compression fittings remain intact and leak-proof. Although there … Read more

how to weld pipe

8 Simple Steps To Weld Pipe

Welding has long been used to join two or more pipes together. Popularly known as the art of sewing with fire, it calls for a great deal of precision, skill, and patience. So, if you … Read more