How To Connect Cast Iron Pipe

6 Simple Steps to Connect Cast Iron Pipe

Since the 17th century, cast iron pipes have been instrumental in transporting water, gas, and sewage. And although modern pipes like PVC and CPVC are becoming more popular, there’s still something undeniably classic about cast iron. … Read more

5 Easy Steps to Cap a Copper Pipe

5 Easy Steps to Cap a Copper Pipe

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4 Easy Steps to Size Gas Pipe

4 Easy Steps to Size Gas Pipe

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What Size Drill For 18 Pipe Tap

What Size Drill For 1/8 Pipe Tap?

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How Long Will PVC Pipes Last Underground

How Long Will PVC Pipes Last Underground?

You can use different materials adequate for water and sewer pipes placed underground. The goal is to pick out the best option available to prevent possible expensive repairs. If you are a homeowner and plan … Read more