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27 Easy Pipe Clothing Rack DIY Plans

Industrial pipe racks are all the rage right now – but buying one from a fancy store can end up costing you a small fortune. However, if you want to save some cash, another option is to build one yourself because making a pipe clothes rack can be a simple yet rewarding DIY project.

We’ve had a look online to see what other people have been trying, and as a result, here are our favorite 27 DIY plans for how to make a clothes rack from pipe that you might like to have a go at copying at home.

1. DIY PVC Clothes Rack – Easy DIY with PVC Pipe and Fittings

DIY PVC Clothes Rack – Easy DIY with PVC Pipe and Fittings

Here’s an extremely simple plan to start with. All you’ll need are a few lengths of PVC pipe, some pipe elbows and something to cut them with. We’ll be honest, it’s probably not the most attractive solution on our list, but it’s a quick and easy way to give yourself some extra storage for your clothes when you need it!

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2. Crehomfy Industrial Pipe Wall Mounted Garment Rack

The wall-mounted garment rack made from industrial pipe you learn to make in this tutorial is so easy that the video only lasts 37 seconds! That also means that once you have the materials ready, it won’t take you much longer than that to make one yourself. It’s also extremely versatile, and you can even adjust it after it’s finished too. So what are you waiting for?


3. DIY Pipe Clothing Rack – The Glamorous Gleam

DIY Pipe Clothing Rack – The Glamorous Gleam

In this post, this blogger writes about how she created a DIY pipe rack to give her son somewhere to hang all his clothes. It’s a freestanding rack with two levels, so there’s plenty of space for all the clothes a fashion-conscious teenager might own – or anyone else for that matter.

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4. DIY Copper Pipe Clothing Rack with Blueprints and Measurements

This informative video shows you how to make a gorgeous clothing rack from copper pipe – and as this YouTuber shows us, it costs half the price it would if you were to buy something similar. She also includes all the measurements to help you copy her design, making this an interesting and useful tutorial.


5. How to Easily Make a DIY Industrial-Style Clothing Rack – Digital Trends

How to Easily Make a DIY Industrial-Style Clothing Rack – Digital Trends

As this blogger writes, steel plumbing pipe is an extremely versatile medium that allows you to create just about anything you can imagine. He then goes on to explain how to make an attractive pipe clothes rack complete with a wooden shelf that’s not only highly practical but also pleasing to the eye too.

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6. How To Build a DIY Clothing Rack for Under $12 with PVC Pipe

If you want somewhere to hang your clothes but don’t want to spend any more money than is absolutely necessary, look no further – because in this video you’ll learn how to make a clothes rack for under $12. Once it’s finished, it looks pretty professional too, so why not check it out and see if you can make one just like it?


7. DIY Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack – squarespace.com

DIY Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack – squarespace.com

If you appreciate industrial chic, this is a plan you should enjoy. In it, you’ll learn how to make a DIY clothing rack from old metal piping that just exudes its own kind of brutal yet elegantly minimalist style. Check out the post to see what we mean.

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8. DIY Pipe Clothes Hanger!

Here’s an ingenious idea for adding a little extra clothes storage to your home – in this video, this YouTuber shows us how he made a clothes hanger using just a few pieces of inexpensive pipe. If you have some unused space like this in your home, you can put his plan to good use, and it’s easy to adapt to whatever size of room you have.


9. Black Iron Pipe Garment Rack: 5 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Black Iron Pipe Garment Rack 5 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Whenever we’re looking for plans for DIY projects, the Instructables site is always one of our first stops. That’s because the tutorials there are all well explained and easy to follow, and they almost always include useful photos and diagrams to show you exactly what you should be doing. This tutorial for making a black iron pipe garment rack is no exception, so why not have a look and see if you can replicate it at home?

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10. Industrial Pipe Closet DIY

The DIY project this YouTuber undertakes has to be seen be believed. Rather than just make a simple clothes rack, he used piping to make a whole industrial-style closet. It looks fantastic, and it also provided him with a whole lot of extra storage space. Give his video a watch and you’re sure to be impressed too!


11. Garment Rack DIY – A Beautiful Mess

Garment Rack DIY – A Beautiful Mess

Along with Instructables, another of our favorite sites for DIY inspiration is A Beautiful Mess. Their ideas are always so simple and achievable, but they always look fantastic when they’re done. This plan for a DIY garment rack made from metal piping is ingenious, and we’re sure plenty of people will be keen to try it themselves.

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12. How to Build Your Industrial Clothing Rack with Pipes and Fittings

What we like about this video is that there are no unnecessary complicated explanations. Rather, we just get to watch this talented DIYer constructing a useful clothes rack from pipes and fittings. It’s so much fun watching the project come together, and he makes it look so easy that it’s sure to inspire plenty of other people to try. Check out the video and see if that includes you too!


13. DIY Copper Clothing Rack by Darling Darleen – A Lifestyle Design Blog

DIY Copper Clothing Rack by Darling Darleen – A Lifestyle Design Blog

We’ve seen our share of plans for cheap racks made from PVC pipes, but this idea employs copper pipes instead, which takes things to a whole new level of style and sophistication. As you can see from the photos, it will provide you with the perfect place to store a whole range of stylish evening wear – and there’s even a place to keep your shoes.

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14. Easy DIY Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

Something we hadn’t thought of before we saw this video is that since pipes are hollow, they can also carry cables, making it easy to install lights on your clothes rack too. That’s exactly what this enterprising YouTuber did, and we must say, we love the result!


15. DIY Copper Garment Rack

DIY Copper Garment Rack

Copper garment racks have become wildly popular in recent years, and as this blogger writes, they had been populating her Pinterest feed for a long time before she finally decided to have a go at making one herself. This post shows you how her project went, and as you can see, she now has a beautiful Pinterest-worthy copper clothes rack of her own.

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16. How to Build a Clothing Rack featuring My Ex-Bosses

We especially enjoyed watching this video because this YouTuber is so full of passion for DIY. But as well as having plenty of charisma, she’s also highly talented, and the clothing rack she shows us how to make is an impressive piece of work. The video also has lots of useful info, explaining everything in detail, making it as easy as possible for you to reproduce the design at home.


17. Copper Clothing Rack DIY – Cupcakes & Cashmere

Copper Clothing Rack DIY – Cupcakes & Cashmere

Here’s one more plan for a copper clothing rack, but to be honest, we don’t think you can have too many of these because they look so gorgeous – especially this one. We love the photos that show how it will look when it’s done, but the tutorial also includes detailed instructions for how to get there, meaning even DIYers with the most modest skill levels will be able to make one just like it.

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18. DIY Industrial Plumbing Pipe Wardrobe Rails

If your wardrobe is full to bursting and you need somewhere to store all your clothes, this video is for you because, as this YouTuber tells us, it’s super-strong, so you won’t need to worry about overloading it! It’s simple to make too, and he explains everything extremely clearly, making this an easy plan to copy.


19. DIY garment rack – Sarah Sherman Samuel

DIY garment rack – Sarah Sherman Samuel

What really makes this clothes rack is the elegant wood base that’s used for storing shoes. As the blogger writes, the plank is actually a repurposed drawer from an old armoire, and the rest of the materials used in making this rack hardly cost a thing. A great DIY project that we enjoyed reading about!

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20. DIY Wall Mounted Clothing Rack – Sammy On State

DIY Wall Mounted Clothing Rack – Sammy On State

This wall-mounted clothing rack could hardly be simpler to make, but it looks amazing. It just goes to show what it’s possible to create with a little imagination and a few basic DIY skills –this is exactly the kind of idea that gives us that itch to have a go at making something similar ourselves.

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21. Black Iron Pipe Garment Rack – DIY Montreal

Black Iron Pipe Garment Rack – DIY Montreal

As this plan mentions, the rack you’ll learn to make here is relatively large, but it’s easy to adapt the size to construct a version that’s most perfectly suited to your needs. We like the way this post is so detailed too – you’ll find all the diagrams and measurements you need to make one just like it yourself.

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22. How to Make a Clothing Rack

Making a clothing rack from pipes can be one of the simplest DIY projects you can imagine, and this short video shows you just how easy it can be. You get to watch as this YouTuber first buys the parts from the hardware store before putting everything together to make the rack. This is the kind of design even the greenest of DIYers can copy, so if you’re looking for a basic plan to copy, this could be just what you need.


23. How to Make a Clothing Rack – thespruce.com

How to Make a Clothing Rack – thespruce.com

Here’s another detailed plan for making a clothing rack that just about anybody will be able to manage. At an estimated $150-200, this is perhaps not the cheapest option, but as you can see from the photos, the finished rack looks sturdy, durable and highly attractive. We also like the way all the steps are illustrated – so you’ll be able to copy it, even if you’ve never tried anything like this before.

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24. Metal Pipe Clothing Rack

If you want to get some idea of what is required to make a metal pipe clothing rack, you’ll find this video instructive. In it, this YouTuber takes you through the whole process, including cutting the pipe to size and putting the whole thing together. It’s a simple design, but it looks great when it’s done. Give the video a watch and see what you think.


25. How to Make a PVC Clothes Rack: 13 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

How to Make a PVC Clothes Rack 13 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Whenever you want to know how to do just about anything you can think of, wikiHow is an invaluable resource to turn to. In this post, you’ll learn how to make a PVC pipe rack, and as usual on this site, it features well-written, clear instructions and lots of useful pictures to help you succeed.

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26. Industrial Metal Clothing Rack – Jimbo’s Garage

It’s always a pleasure to watch skilled craftsmen at work, which is why this video is so engrossing. We get to watch as this YouTuber puts together a high-quality metal clothing rack for one of his customers, and the narration gives you all the details you need about the process.


27. PVC Rack for Kids Clothes: 3 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

PVC Rack for Kids Clothes 3 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Here’s another plan from Instructables, this time for a very simple PVC clothes rack for kids. It’s super-easy to make and will give you somewhere convenient to hang your children’s clothes – and you could even get your kids to help you build it, making it a fun project for them to take part in too.

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Loads of great ideas out there

We’ve had lots of fun collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed watching and reading them too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the inspiration you needed to get started on your next DIY project.

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